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  • May 4, 2018 | General, Partnerships

    By Chuck Williams, Executive Vice President, HME Operations, Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy, Washington, Ind. In June of 2014, we visited VGM’s Heartland Conference where they offered classes in C.E.A.C. certification and several classes led by Bill Stelzer on home modifications. I returned to my home base and convinced our ownership to begin investing in this “new” aging-in-place strategy. We began searching for a building contractor to bring on board to begin remodeling...

    Tags: Home Modifications

  • May 4, 2018 | Education and Events, Product and Service Solutions

    By Bill Stelzer, Consultant, Live at Home Sensitivity can be defined as understanding your customer and your customer’s expectations, concerns, and issues, which can lead you to developing a great relationship with that customer. Understanding your customer begins with the culture of that particular individual. Each Individual’s culture is different from all others. Even twins who are raised together have differing individual cultures. Let’s define the term...