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2019 Heartland Conference Recap

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By Jim Greatorex, Vice President, VGM Live at Home

The 2019 Heartland Conference was again a very memorable event. It provided a lot of everything in a two-and-a-half-day whirlwind from morning till night. This year we had an unprecedented number of members join us on Monday for either golfing or an afternoon at the VGM farm. I personally had a great time golfing with Gary Caldwell from EZ-ACCESS and members Vern Martell and Matt Burnett.

Unlike last year when it stopped raining just long enough for the fireworks to go off, we had great weather at this year’s hog roast and fireworks display. There is nothing like standing beside the Cedar River and watching awesome fireworks go off right over your head!

The education sessions were great with nine manufacturer-partners providing both installation training and executive content and seven members sharing best practices. We really appreciate how our membership wants to help each other get better and create awareness for the great services we offer. We send a big shout out to all who shared this year! The level of engagement at the conference this year was very high. Members are passionate about growing their business!

Lots of new contacts were made and new friendships formed at our networking events. The LAH community dinner was clearly the most fun of any, and many members had an evening they will not forget any time soon! The Boogie Woogie Bash was also a blast with some excellent costumes from the fifties. Lots of laughs and sharing customer experiences are part of all LAH networking experiences at Heartland.

Of course, we need to mention that one of THE biggest highlights was our great partner, EZ-ACCESS, gifting a 3G Pathways Modular Ramp to a local family with two special needs daughters. This ramp eliminated a very dangerous make-shift ramp and was very much appreciated by this family. A big thank you to Tim Combs from Americans for Independent Living who led the installation.

All we can say is if you haven’t attended a Heartland Conference, what are you waiting for? Make plans to join us and experience what all the buzz is about.

If you have a best practice or expertise you would like to share with the Live at Home members, please reach out to Jim Greatorex [email protected].

Save the date for next year’s Heartland Conference, June 15-17. It will be the first event of the year for LAH in 2020. We’ll have the warm cookies ready to go! We promise it will be a can’t-miss event.

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  • Joe Schaffner | Jul 11th 2019 @ 11:01 PM

    Every time I participate in a VGM sponsored event I am so impressed with the depth and quality of services and education VGM provides. These services and education has helped grow my business immensely.

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