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A Letter from the Vice President, Jim Greatorex

Home Blog A Letter from the Vice President, Jim Greatorex

I have always been a glass is 75% full, let’s make lemonade, optimistic type of person, likely to a fault. I believe optimism leads to better life and work outcomes, and I would rather dwell on what’s possible than on what isn’t. With that being said, let’s be honest. The last 5 months have tested even the most optimistic among us to a level that many of us would have never dreamed of back on New Year’s Day. Our “new normals” have touched everyone and their families in varied ways, and all the different stresses that come from our current situation are easy to dwell on. We should be concerned, and we should strive to keep our families safe and communities supported. 

I also believe that in times like these, it’s important to reflect on history and to look at the blessings that we do have. It wasn’t talked about much when I was a kid, but I learned not too long ago that my father, who passed when I was only 3 months old, was part of the second wave in the Battle of Normandy in WWII. So, I have been starting to read about that time and the sacrifices and tough times that people endured, and frankly our situation pales in comparison to what our country and Europe went through from 1940-1945. Food rationing, one or more relative actively in the war, lots of single moms raising families, and no internet to give up-to-date status on it all. It was a tough time, and everyone felt the brunt of it. Through it all, the country had lots of unity and patriotism, and we all wish that it was more that way today.   

So where can we make some lemonade? For me, it’s important to take a couple of days a week and disengage from all the noise going on around us and engage in relationships that are meaningful, which would be my lovely bride and our great Iowa friends and neighbors. It’s also connecting with far away family and friends through virtual calls regularly, and it's being outside as much as possible and out of my office in the basement.  

For VGM Live at Home members, we do have a 75% full glass of optimism. We hear from many of you that your business has picked up since June and continues to come back. There are many activities happening in the marketplace that will provide lots of opportunity in the coming months as markets search for answers for senior consumers. We are in a good position to be highly considered as the best solution as the market searches for partners to help meet the aging-in-place demand. On top of that, our purpose is growing as the emphasis on the home environment is getting white hot. I believe that senior-congregated living will lose 20% market share to people now choosing to stay home. Also, I know many people who have found a higher regard for family, and their HOME has a more significant value in the sentiment that it brings. 

To get to work in the market with devoted, caring members who share this vision is our joy and is some of the best tasting lemonade ever. Thanks for all you do, hang tough, and we will be here to help in any way we can. 

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