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A Note from the VP, Jim Greatorex: April 2022

Home Blog A Note from the VP, Jim Greatorex: April 2022

As April comes to an end (already?), we have a few things to report on industry happenings.

Home Accessibility Bill Update

The final touches are being put on the home accessibility bill about to be introduced. The score (cost estimate to the government) on the bill is the major holdup to date, but we expect the cost to be neutral when the Congressional Budget Office releases it. If the score comes in neutral or very low, there are numerous members of Congress ready to sign on to the bill before it’s release. After that, the bill will be introduced with several cosponsors, which makes it easier to get more support.

Within days of the bill being released, VGM Live at Home is preparing to hold a town hall meeting for all our members and vendors. In the meeting, we will address:

  • What is tax break benefit, who is eligible, and what services does it cover?
  • What will the tax break mean to your customers?
  • What is the realistic chance of the bill passing?
  • Who in D.C. is backing the bill?
  • What this will mean to your business?
  • What can you do to support the bill and passage?

Again, we will call a meeting very shortly after the bill is introduced and be ready to share all aspects of what this means to our industry and the increased potential it brings to your business. Stay tuned!

Sneak Peek at New Corporate Partner Innovate Building Solutions 

We have an agreement in place with Innovate Building Solutions and will officially launch them in early May. Innovate is a distributor for Fibo, which manufactures excellent shower wall panels with new designs for walk-in showers. Their products compliment the Bestbath product line and provide consumers with more bathroom design choices. For those coming to the Heartland Conference, you will see them in-person in the exhibit hall.

Take Our Apprenticeship Program Survey

You will see in this newsletter a request for you to take a survey. We are working to build our apprenticeship program and need your input and feedback. Please take three-four minutes to fill out this survey for us by May 13 so we can see your needs firsthand and what you look for in skillset and knowledge in your field techs/installers. We appreciate and welcome your input!

The challenges continue this year, but we see how you, our members, are battling through them and still delivering great accessibility solutions to your customers. We salute you and are here to help you. Reach out if you have an issue and we will look to help you find a solution or connection that will help.

Below I’m sharing an idea from a recent column I read weekly from James Clear, a famous business author. I thought it might resonate with you and your teams.

"Many good opportunities are ruined for the dream of slightly better ones. 

Would you have a more successful career if you had taken that other job or moved cities? Possibly. But your actual career will definitely suffer if you don't commit to doing it to the best of your ability. 

Would you be 10% happier in a different relationship? Maybe. Maybe not. But you'll definitely be unhappy in the one you have if you spend all day thinking about what else is out there. 

The surefire way to end up worse off is to agonize over unchosen options and fail to make the most of the one you selected. Every minute spent yearning for your unlived lives is a moment you can't invest in the one you actually have.

Choices matter, but so does your level of commitment."

Thanks for your membership and the great work you do!