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Building Opportunities Summit Sneak Peek: Retail Sales Training Program for Home Accessibility

Home Blog Building Opportunities Summit Sneak Peek: Retail Sales Training Program for Home Accessibility

VGM Live at Home continues to work for our members to help provide you savings and solutions to help grow your home modification business, and that is why we are so excited for the upcoming Building Opportunities Summit. We have an excellent lineup of speakers and panels that hit on topics ranging from building a revenue stream, mistakes to avoid in your home access business, and retail sales training. Here is a preview of Retail Sales Training Program for Home Accessibility, presented by Jim Bland, CEO of Seniors Home Service. 

Retail Sales Training Program for Home Accessibility 

In the fast-growing home accessibility retail market, you have to set yourself apart from your competition. People will commit to buy today from competent, prepared companies who present quality, the right solution, reasonable pricing, financing options, and can produce an agreement during the initial visit. This session will teach your company how to become a quality sales company that closes jobs quickly and professionally during the first visit to the home. 

During this session, Jim Bland will present on higher level sales techniques, like how to read your customers and how to effectively sell to their personality or character types, which is applicable to any industry who provides products for people in their home, not just home accessibility. He will also: 

  • Explain what's needed for an effective sales presentation model.  
  • Discuss the best practices of successful sales presentation methods.  
  • Describe how companies achieve high closing rates.  

Jim has a storied career in business development and marketing. He helped implement home inspections in the real estate industry and also has deep roots in the home restoration industry doing business development in this market. Jim founded Seniors Home Services in 2020 after a successful career in several other industries. Seniors Home Services have several products and solutions that help people successfully age in place. Jim collaborates with numerous leading home health agencies, home care companies, and home access contractors to help them grow their businesses. Jim's experience in business development, marketing, and one visit close sales processes have given many lessons on how to successfully close sales and maintain margins and high close rates. 

This session is just one of many that will be presented at the LAH Building Opportunities Summit. This two-day conference will also include educational tracks on best practices, sales training, and concurrent installation training from our corporate partners, as well as networking, exhibits, and some VGM fun. 

The LAH Building Opportunities Summit is approaching quickly! If you’re not already registered, now is the time to register at