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Caring for Our Customers: Cor Freedom Case Studies

Home Blog Caring for Our Customers: Cor Freedom Case Studies

When a customer seeks out a home modification provider and contractor, it’s usually not because they want to participate in a real-life version of extreme home makeover. Most likely, it’s due to a person’s natural aging cycle requiring extra safety precautions or having undergone a difficult medical circumstance. Life alterations such as these can be extremely taxing as an individual’s independence is compromised. For this reason, VGM Live At Home strives to build a community of “Best in Class” companies to better serve the end-user. To illustrate our “Best in Class” network, look at real-life member, Cor Freedom, and discover the amount of extreme care our members dispense to the people they serve. 

Who Is Cor Freedom?

Cor Freedom serves their customers by providing highly customized home renovations and services for people who are aging or disabled. Cor works closely with clients to make sure all safety renovations are properly addressed. They pride themselves in being a source of education and work earnestly to provide customers with a solution to fit their accessibility needs. See how this looks in action with the following two case studies. 

Case Study One: Jobs Blend, Customer’s Don’t 

Kay holds a special place in the hearts of those working at Cor Freedom. She first sought their services when she fractured her hip and socket after a fall. Before her injury, Kay lived an incredibly active daily life as a financial planner and has a passion for climbing mountains. Unfortunately, for a mid-70-year-old this is an all too common, yet scary, accident. However, aside from a painful incident, Kay managed to keep her positivity and kind spirit—just a couple of the things Cor Freedom loves most about her.

Seeking out home modification services can be a nerve-racking experience. Like many, Kay felt the same hesitations. Her biggest goal was to stay in her home but have it still feel like the same home after the renovations. 

After an advanced needs assessment process and listening to Kay’s thoughts, the team at Cor Freedom determined exactly what Kay needed. They describe this process as the “customer writing the song (setting job expectations) and their team singing it (fulfilling customer expectations).” This crucial piece directly contributes to customer satisfaction and where much of the company’s expertise comes into play. 

From a site evaluation, they decided that Kay needed a VPL platform lift as seven steps led from the garage to house. This proved to be the most challenging piece of the project due to hydronic piping residing underneath the floor would cause the entire design to change. In addition to the lift, a violin shower with epoxy flooring was added inside the house. Mixing these elements with Kay’s eclectic design tastes made this a total custom project.

During the assignment, Cor Freedom strived to go above and beyond. They focused diligently on work site safety and even offered to bring Kay lunch or dinner when they traveled to the job site. This project lasted a month and a half. 

By working with Cor Freedom, Kay was able to achieve a personalized design with the same feeling of home, yet with the new safety additions she needed. 

Looking back on this experience, Cor Freedom had this to say, “Jobs blend, customers don’t. You always remember the customers.” Today if you mention Kay to the staff, they’ll tell you what a sweet person she is. Kay challenged them with unique goals but was a pleasure to work with. They will never forget their time helping Kay achieve her independence again and considers her as one of their favorite customers.


Case Study Two: Serving Like It’s Our Own Loved One

When you ask member Cor Freedom why they serve, they’ll tell you, “We want to be able to take care of loved ones,” a highly important task to bear. No one can anticipate a life-altering medical event, and many times, the clients of Cor Freedom are no different. For this reason, they aim to treat customers like loved ones. 

When Lisa and Brad came to Cor Freedom their life was changing in a very challenging way. Brad, mid-50s, had suffered from a stroke and was now living with life after. Brad and his wife being teachers were used to inspiring others to take control and be independent with their learning. However, because of the life event Brad was now facing, Lisa and her husband were tasked with teaching themselves how to acquire a new style of living independently. 

After going through the consultation process and listening to the couple’s needs, Cor Freedom decided the project called for a bariatric bathroom, installation of a roll-in shower and shower chair, a ceiling lift to transfer Brad from the bedroom to bathroom, and front and rear wheelchair ramps to enter and exit the home. 

Cor Freedom faced pressure and expedited deadlines from the couple’s insurance provider, so they acted quickly and accurately to meet Brad and Lisa’s needs. Knowing Lisa was the primary caregiver, they also did everything to make Lisa’s life easier. In the future, this would provide her the ability to give Brad a chance to live freely in his own home. To top it off, Cor Freedom conducted the renovation with the couple still fully occupying the home.

The results of the project speak for themselves. Cor Freedom demonstrated their ability to think outside of the box and give Lisa and Brad an ADA compliant remodel that exceeded their expectations. Cor Freedom was able to prevent and ease many of the family’s challenges to come. For Lisa and Brad, like every project Cor Freedom takes on, they delivered on measures beyond making a profit. 

Creating a Best in Class Network

These are just two in and endless sampling of projects Cor Freedom tackles each and every day. The services VGM Live At Home members provide truly make a difference in the lives of the individuals they serve. Cor Freedom proves this, and they stand as a shining example of what it means to be “Best in Class.” Imagine the difference we can all make as we expand our network of providers like Cor Freedom. 

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