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Check Merits Brand New Folding Rail Pilot Aviator Stairlift

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Occasionally, a standard track can obstruct a hallway or doorway, presenting a tripping hazard. A folding hinged track is the ideal solution in this case. The track fully unfolds to allow the stairlift to travel to the lower landing for a safe point to enter and exit the lift. When not in use, the track neatly folds up to leave the walkway clear.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to folding hinged tracks. Manual hinges require the user to physically lift and lower the hinge section of the track, which may prove to be difficult for some users. Powered versions require extra electronic or electrical components, which can add to the overall cost of the hinged track.

The Pilot Aviator’s hinged track is a fully automated, mechanical system, providing the customer with a simple to use, reliable folding track system. The hinge is equipped with a 14” charging station, which makes parking the lift a breeze.

The hinge system is also very versatile. It can be supplied with one standard track section for shorter staircases, or two standard tracks sections to cover staircases up to 20 feet! This means less waste and more cost savings.

For more information, please contact Andy Scothern, national sales director, Merits, at 800-963-7487.