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Circadian Lighting Grant Opportunity

Home Blog Circadian Lighting Grant Opportunity

VGM members, OK Technologies is the proud recipient of a $60,000 Pay It Forward grant! The company would like to use the grant funds to help VGM members have their Circadian Lighting Home Kit installed in 30 customers’ homes between now and the end of the year. 

To be eligible, all you need to do is be one of the next 30 to install the kit in one of your customers’ homes, and your cost will be reduced by $2,000. We ask that you use that reduction in cost to pass the savings along to the customer. This is an excellent opportunity for VGM members to introduce the OK Technologies platform and its benefits to your market. 

Learn more about OK Technologies and the benefits of Circadian lighting in the home in this podcast with Vice President of VGM Live at Home, Jim Greatorex, and OK Technologies founders Bill Kahler and Ted O'Brien:

Episode 39: Benefits of Circadian Lighting in the Home Setting

For more information please contact OK Technologies at 515-639-0056.