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First Quarter Check-in

Home Blog First Quarter Check-in

We hope that, like us here at Live At Home, you’ve hit the ground running in 2020. This new decade promises much growth—both professionally and financially—for the home access industry. We’ll be working very hard to help define our industry, create consumer awareness and professionalize our network to be “Best in Class”. This new decade is going to be a head-spinning, wild ride, and we are happy to be in it with our passionate, hard-working members. 

Here are some updates on LAH happenings this year: 

  • We have secured a booth for the Area Agency on Aging National conference this July. We’ll be promoting our Select Member network of contractors to their more than 600 chapters. Stay tuned as this program develops further. If you are a full-service member and haven’t contracted with us yet to become a Select Member, call Jessica Barber or Jim Greatorex at 877-404-2442 or email [email protected] 
  • Discussions are ongoing with Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) to reintroduce a Senior Accessibility Act bill into this Congress. He is very motivated to get this bill re-introduced, so stay tuned as we work with him and monitor this activity. 
  • Oklahoma and Iowa have introduced home access bills in their states. We are participating in Iowa as Tom Powers, our lobbyist, connects us there. In Oklahoma, we have extended our willingness to help. If you have a state legislator who wants to propose a bill in your state, let us know and we’ll happy to help out in any way possible. 
  • We are looking for your life-changing home access success stories to publish here and to share with potential referrals. Check out this month’s story from our great friends at Cor Freedom! Please look at our promo in this newsletter to learn how you can reach out to us and have your story shared with prospective customers. 

We have some other exciting projects in the works that we can’t talk about yet and a new manufacturer partner to be introduced shortly.  

We also have just finished putting together our educational tracks for Heartland and are excited with what we have in store. We will have a three-day certified installation program from three manufacturers and a full two-day executive track. Stay tuned as we look to publish the details. 

As always, we want to thank you for your membership. It is our great honor to work with your company as we look to build the Best in Class network for home access companies. 

Your friend, 

Jim Greatorex