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Meet Member Wise Carpentry and Morningstar Retreat

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The Morningstar Cowboy Retreat in Leesburg, Fla., is the culmination of the dreams of Mark and Debbie Gould. Their ranch was started in 1994 after they spent many successful years in rodeo competitions, and it has always been a place where human potential is allowed to flourish. Using horses, horsemanship, hard work, and spiritual mentoring, they have shown thousands of people, both young and old, what accomplishments are possible in their lives.

The ranch – which is really a small western town with cook shack, bank, blacksmith, jail, school house, church, stables, and riding arena – is the host to a horse club, a monthly rodeo, trail rides, riding lessons,  the local Special Olympics equestrian team, and kids with special needs who are known as the Kingdom Riders, and a Cowboy Church. Because of its special character and positive atmosphere, the ranch is also the first choice of many special events, including weddings, business meetings, youth events, seminars, summer day camps, family reunions, and church gatherings. Enjoying food and entertainment, groups both small and large can spend a day with the horses or a night around the bonfire.

The Retreat is now working on RV sites for short- and long-term visitors with horses. The rural setting of the ranch is ideal for those “cowboys” and “cowgirls” who want to spend their days riding and exploring. The long-term strategy for a couple of the RV sites is to provide a safe place to catch your breath when you have been overwhelmed by your circumstances, for broken families to re-unite, to re-enter the world after incarceration, give some of the marginalized citizens in our community a second chance, and to help those suffering from addiction, PTSD, or abusive relationships. The Retreat will offer job training, recovery programs, mentoring, life coaching, and spiritual guidance.

Two new members to the VGM family are on the board of directors for the Morningstar Cowboy Retreat: Joe Heagy and Cooper Wise of Wise Carpentry, LLC. in Mount Dora, Fla. With many years in the residential and commercial remodeling market, they are shifting the focus of their company to the Live At Home community. With their CAPS and CEAC certifications and several certifications from DME manufacturers, they hope to bring quality of life changes to many in the central Florida communities they serve. 

Please visit the new website, Check out the photo gallery and events page, and a small donation of $10-20 will help feed and care for the horses of the Special Olympics Team. Thank You.