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Bestbath: Homeowners Want Accessibility, But We Need To Lead Them

Home Blog Bestbath: Homeowners Want Accessibility, But We Need To Lead Them

We know people want a safer home. And with an aging population, we know demand is growing.

But the simple fact is, homeowners are still confused by industry jargon, cheap knock-off products, and the occasional less-than-honest contractor.

That means it is up to us – the leaders of this industry – to guide the way. Now more than ever, homeowners need our help to provide real solutions and solid advice on how to achieve their goals.

That’s the Bestbath® approach. While our primary business is the design and manufacture of high quality showers and bathtubs for people of all abilities, the only way we can do that is by understanding homeowners’ wants and needs. We then work with a network of talented bathroom contractor and retail partners to bring these bathing solutions to the customer.

In a recent survey conducted by Bestbath, contractors and architects reported that more than 80 percent of the time accessibility issues come up during conversations with customers. The trouble is, most of the time (55 percent) it is the customer, not the professional, who first raises the issue.

This presents a tremendous opportunity for accessible home modification providers and contractors – we can, and should, be initiating these conversations. We can guide homeowners through what they often see as a complex process. We can make their lives easier and better.

We each do this in our own way, of course. At Bestbath, we do our part by crafting the industry’s most complete line of zero-entry showers and walk-in tubs. We design our showers and tubs with fully wood-backed walls so grab bar and accessory installation can be done easily anywhere. And, we stand behind every product with a 30-year warranty.

Along the way, we work hard to educate both homeowners and professionals on the opportunities of accessibility, aging-in-place, and universal design, and how they can improve lives without sacrificing aesthetics.

To learn more about the benefits of being a Bestbath dealer (we refer to them as partners) including discounts, education, and more, click here: Become a Bestbath Dealer.