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Live at Home Member Designs Walker Steps Solution

Home Blog Live at Home Member Designs Walker Steps Solution

Daniel G. CorcoranLongtime member Vets Access has continued to bring education to the home modification industry and share their expertise for the whole industry to grow. Recently, Daniel G. Corcoran, CAPS, Master CEAC, CHAMPS, and Field Operations Manager/Home Access Consultant with Vets Access, and Owner/President of COR Freedom LLC, discovered a solution of walker steps for a client that wanted a way to access their home from the garage, but a ramp would not fit due to size.

“This idea was presented to us because we couldn’t seem to find a solution for garages and small front yards that required a large ramp,” said Daniel. “We had a client who didn’t want a ramp in their front yard but did not have the right space in their garage for a ramp.” 

This creation started as a low-profile step and built as boxes. It was then made of boxes at height and stacked to create a platform. That led to Daniel thinking that this type of solution is a viable option if building a ramp in the front yard just won’t work for the client. He then moved away from building boxes and began installing these walker steps with a stair tread. These are designed and cut for each step. This was also a more cost-effective way to build these steps. Although walker steps are not a new solution in the market, it’s just not used as frequently.

“I typically go with a walker step design in a garage when a ramp is going to be too large, and the client is still mobile using a cane or some kind of walking aid,” stated Daniel. “Knowing most steps are built around 7” to 7.5” high and only 11” deep, this can cause many issues.”

“I always suggest at minimum a 4’x4’ platform at the door but would suggest 5’x5’ to turn around on,” Daniel advised. “The height of each step riser is normally 4” to 5” depending on the height of the door from the ground. The depth is typically 18” to 2’, sometimes 3.’”

Installing these walker steps for clients has been very successful for Daniel. 

“We installed five this last year, and all of our clients are very happy with them.” said Daniel. “We had one client who previously had not been out of the house in months. Once we were done installing the walker steps, she was able to get out of the house because she was finally able to maneuver the steps.” 

Check out his design concept for the set of walker steps here.

This innovation is just one of the many reasons we are proud to have Vets Access as a Live at Home member. Thank you, Daniel, and all at Vets Access, for being part of something bigger!