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Live At Home Note from the VP

Home Blog Live At Home Note from the VP

Hi VGM Live At Home members! 

We certainly hope that you are staying safe and out of harm’s way as we experience some tough weather events all over the country! Add in COVID-19 and civil unrest, and the first instinct one might have is to go hide in your basement and not come out until it all stops. But wait - there is some good news! We are hearing from most of our members that business is coming back to them. Buyers are out there, and they have some pent-up needs for our services. Nearly all of our manufactures are seeing upticks in orders. The VA is ramping up to get back to serving our veterans at their normal pace before the year’s end. More and more families are looking for independent living arrangements for their loved ones in elderhood, so opportunities for home access companies are actually growing during this time. So if you have been hesitant to aggressively market your services or lay low during this time, we recommend that you start re-engaging, and don’t miss the opportunity in your market to become the home access leader!  

Even though 2020 has been such a long year in many ways, it sure has gone fast! As we enter the fourth quarter, I wanted to share with you some things I don’t want you to miss, including news of industry happenings and Live at Home content you can still experience. 

Don’t Miss These New Manufacturer Partners!

We have added several new manufacturers that will help you as you continue to navigate your "new normal."

Mazza Healthcare: Mazza offers a full line of PPE from facemasks to hand sanitizer, non-contact thermometers, gloves, gowns, and foot covers. Their pricing is below most others.

Marena Group: Marena manufactures the most comfortable face mask we have ever tried. The masks are NOT N95 masks but are considered adequate protection for basic civilian use. They can be washed 75 times, are antibacterial, soft, and skin-friendly. They have good airflow and are reasonably priced.

Pathogen Defense Systems: Create a safe, healthy, pathogen-free environment with their steam and shield one-step disinfectant system. Clean your office, home, or customer's home in an eco-friendly and economical way!

VeroMed: Looking for a COVID-19 testing system that takes 2-10 minutes to deliver clinical results? Veromed’s system, under a doctors supervision, will detect whether a person has the COVID-19 antibodies or if they are infected. Contract with a health clinic to get your employees tested and show your customers proof of a negative test.

Industry Happenings

There are concerted talks starting that would start a campaign for a positive public policy to incentivize consumers to invest in safety upgrades so they can age in place. We will keep you up to date on what the proposed policy would be and how you can support it. Our last bill, H.R.1780, the Senior Accessibility Act, expired in the last Congress and we have been almost 2 years without any further bills introduced. It’s exciting that talks are starting up again!

LAH Content You Can Download:

VGM Live at Home Virtual Town Hall from September 15. Check out our panel as we discuss the current business environment and 2020 challenges in home access.

EZ‐ACCESS Explores the Commercial Ramp Market from August 25.

Bestbath Dealer Program / Bathroom Remodel in a Day from August 18.

As always, we are very thankful to have with us the great companies that make up our membership. You perform great, meaningful services in your community and we love working with you. We hope you have a great fourth quarter!