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Making Your Home Access Business Profitable with a Sales and Marketing Program

Home Blog Making Your Home Access Business Profitable with a Sales and Marketing Program

As a valued VGM Live at Home member, members have an exclusive opportunity to participate in the educational webinar series, "Creating a Profitable Sales and Marketing Program." This enlightening program has been meticulously designed to equip members with the knowledge and skills needed to propel their home accessibility business to new heights.  

Valuable Insights from Esteemed Speaker 

"Creating a Profitable Sales and Marketing Program" is presented by Louis Feuer, MA, MSW, a nationally known business educator, speaker, and business consultant. Louis is the founder and president of Dynamic Seminars & Consulting with a long career in providing training and education for corporations, professional associations, and small to large business owners. He has presented sales, marketing, and customer service programs in almost every industry including banking, finance, clinics/hospitals, accounting firms, real estate, long-term care, and a long list of associations. 

Throughout the series, Louis shares his invaluable insights, practical strategies, and best practices garnered from years of experience. 

Relevant Content for VGM Live at Home Members 

This webinar series is applicable to those in the home accessibility industry by addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by VGM Live at Home members. Providing guidance on competing in a competitive industry, this series teaches members to build a profitable business network, create engaging sales presentations, build a profitable business network and leads, effectively handle complaints, provide outstanding customer service, and maximizing profits. 

Throughout the series, members receive actionable tips to implement into their own sales and marketing efforts, being equipped with the tools to drive real results. 

Premium Content, Unbeatable Value 

While presentations from Louis Feuer generally cost $45 per session, VGM Live at Home members only pay $15 each, OR the entire bundle of sessions can be purchased for only $50. Members who purchase the bundle also have exclusive access to the recordings of each session. Members can enjoy cost-savings while learning how to improve their sales and marketing initiatives. 

The benefits of attending "Creating a Profitable Sales and Marketing Program" are multifaceted and extend beyond just improving sales and marketing efforts. By gaining insights from experts, applying actionable strategies, all while learning at a cost-effective price, members will be equipped to elevate their business to new heights. This exclusive opportunity for VGM Live at Home members is a great way to unlock the true potential of the business. 

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