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Member Spotlight: BILD

Home Blog Member Spotlight: BILD

VGM Live at Home members provide amazing home access services to individuals every single day, and we could not be prouder of the work our members continue to do for their customers. VGM Live at Home member, BILD, was able to install a ceiling lift for customers Ed and Darlene, which resulted in an incredible benefit to the couple financially and in terms of independence, privacy, and quality of life. Click here to watch the testimonial

When Ed fell and became paralyzed, he and his wife, Darlene, a retired occupational therapy assistant, were determined to stay in their home rather than go to a living facility. Darlene was the one who decided that they needed a ceiling lift installed in their home, and that’s when BILD stepped in to help.

The team at BILD converted Ed and Darlene’s living room into a bedroom so that the ceiling lift could take Ed from there to the bathroom easily. The team at BILD also had a transfer sling installed in order to help Darlene guide Ed throughout the home even better. Furthermore, BILD provided Ed and Darlene guidance on sling options and personalized training for safe transfers and positioning strategies with the ceiling lift. This installation and guidance meant that Ed and Darlene were able to reduce caregiver costs and maintain their privacy and quality of life.  

The amazing work done on this project meant that this couple could return home, and Darlene was able to care for her husband by transferring and assisting him independently.

Watch the full testimonial here.

Thank you to all at BILD for serving this couple and allowing them to live safely at home. We are proud to have BILD as Part of Something Bigger!