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Member Spotlight: Chris Moore, CAPS, ECHM, CEAC, CGR, SHSS, President and Founder of Solid Rock Enterprises

Home Blog Member Spotlight: Chris Moore, CAPS, ECHM, CEAC, CGR, SHSS, President and Founder of Solid Rock Enterprises

VGM Live at Home strives to build a best-in-class membership group that will help our country provide individuals with safe and accessible homes for all who require them, including veterans.   

Chris Moore, president and founder of Solid Rock Enterprises and 2020 Certified Aging in Place Designee of the Year, has extensive training and experience in the home access industry. Moore is an expert on using universal design principles to build and remodel homes to help individuals age in place. He knows the importance of true craftsmanship, and that attention to detail is the foundation of quality that goes into every project handled at Solid Rock Enterprises. 

In 2022, Chris and his team at Solid Rock Enterprises received a request for a home modification project from the daughter of a double amputee veteran who was currently residing in a nursing facility. Unhappy in this facility and ready to be home with his family, this client wanted to purchase a home because they liked the house and location. However, it was a split-level home, so they knew it needed to be modified in order to meet the accessibility needs of this client. After consulting with Solid Rock Enterprises and applying for the Specially Adapted Housing Grant to fund these necessary modifications, the four-month-long process began. 

The Work Begins 

The first thing the team did was take up the existing concrete and redid the sidewalk that leads to the front door so that it would be a level entry at the porch. 

SolidRockEnterprises_1 SolidRockEnterprises_2

They also redid the carport so that the carport would be a level entry at the side entrance to the house.

SolidRockEnterprises_3 SolidRockEnterprises_4

Once inside the house, the team removed what used to be a coat closet, built a hoist way, and installed a power-actuated VPL to gain access to the basement, which became the client’s living quarters. 

SolidRockEnterprises_5 SolidRockEnterprises_6

On the lower-level, Solid Rock Enterprises converted what used to be a small guest bedroom into an accessible bathroom that included a curb-less shower, a wall-hung sink, and comfort height commode. 


Finally, they converted the “old bathroom” into a closet that could be easily accessed by the client.   


The Result 

Despite some of the challenges of this project, the team was able to complete this project in about four months. Once this project was finally complete and the client was able to move in with his daughter and her husband (who occupy the top level of the home), Chris noticed how pleased they were with the results. 

"The last time I was over there, the client’s daughter told me as I was leaving that (this project) just totally changed his life,” said Chris. “To be able to get out of that facility and go home and be able to have his own space was incredible.” 

The client’s daughter also shared that when they were first looking at the house and asking several others about the necessary modifications that needed to happen in order for her father to come home, she was told that it was not going to work.  

“Nobody else gave her any hope whatsoever, but then we came along and were the first to say that we could make it happen for them,” said Chris. “Heartwarming comments like that always make it all worthwhile.”  

Thank you, Chris, and all at Solid Rock Enterprise, for the hard work that went into this project. We are so proud to have you all as Part of Something Bigger with VGM Live at Home!