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Member Spotlight: Home Healthsmith

Home Blog Member Spotlight: Home Healthsmith

VGM Live at Home continues to be impressed by the dedication of our membership. Often times, members will take on more complicated cases and go above and beyond to meet the clients’ needs. 

Home Healthsmith installed an all-glass elevator in a condo in Boston, a more complex request as it is unusual to have a fully enclosed glass hoist way in a residence. From working with multiple sub-contractors, coordinating with the glass manufacturer, Oasis Specialty Glass (link to brochure), and ensuring that the entire job was code compliant, this project was certainly a challenge. Not to mention the challenge of minimizing the amount of equipment in the hoist way that was visible. From initial planning to completion of the job, this project took one year. However, the clients who requested this job were ecstatic about the hard work and continue to reside in this condo today. Plus, Home Healthsmith received a PRISM award for the amazing work that was completed. 


This dedication to serving their clients’ needs and award-winning work speaks to Home Healthsmith’s values as a home access company. As a business that started 11 years ago by husband-and-wife Bill and Linda Bohmbach, Home Healthsmith was named the 2016 Rhode Island and New England Micro-Enterprise Business of the Year by the Small Business Administration. Below is a summary of what Home Healthsmith offers to their community: 

“We could tell you WHAT we do, which is to deliver freedom, mobility, and confidence to our customers; or HOW we do it, which is by offering unique and innovative solutions to ensure the home functions in a way that reflects the changing needs and preserves a client’s independence; but we feel the most important aspect of what we do for our clients is the WHY.  

Why Home Healthsmith? Simple, we want to make a difference. As a third-generation company, we want to apply our experience with mobility equipment with our passion for serving the people of our community. With the thousands of families and individuals that we have met over the years installing residential elevators and stairlifts, we have seen an incredible need to enhance that service and include a unique home mobility program for ongoing support, education, and resources, which is our ‘Safe Home Install Advantage.’ 

Most importantly, we see that helping our clients achieve mobility and safety enhances their freedom, it improves their sense of control, and it protects their personal dignity. We have a passion to help people stay safe in their homes as long as they safely can. But more importantly, we have the ability to change the way people view aging-in-place and how they view the limitations of their disabilities. Home Healthsmith started and remains a passion for us. 

We also have built the largest accessibility show room in the Northeast. Our Accessibility Living Suite is a destination that allows the purchaser and centers of influence to interact with the accessibility products, similar to the Apple Store concept. It enables users to come in and envision how they can live safely in their home with some of the many products and services from companies that have become some of our largest referral partners.” 

We are proud to have Home Healthsmith as Part of Something Bigger with VGM Live at Home!