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Member Spotlight: Joseph Fawcett, Accessibility Manager at Health Aid of Ohio

Home Blog Member Spotlight: Joseph Fawcett, Accessibility Manager at Health Aid of Ohio

Joseph Fawcett is the accessibility manager at Health Aid of Ohio and has held this position for the past five years. He is responsible for a team of five, and his daily duties include completing evaluations and supervising installations. The meaningful work that Joseph completes on a daily basis for his clients is a reflection of the true compassion he has for the home modifications industry.

"I enjoy helping people," said Joseph. "I come from a big family and we are always doing things for each other. I guess it has spilled over to my professional life."

Joe has been in the healthcare industry since 2002 when he started as a driver doing deliveries for a high-end rehab company. He eventually worked is way up to become a supply chain manager. After joining Health Aid of Ohio as a customer service representative and scheduler, he was promoted a year later to assistant manager. A year after that, he was promoted to full manager.

Throughout his time at Health Aid of Ohio, Joseph has completed many meaningful home access jobs. One recent job, which posed a bit of a challenge, included a VPL installation for a client. The lift was for a child in a power wheelchair, and at the time, he did not have the ability to enter and exit his home without the lift. This was also a safety concern for the parents in the event of an emergency. To accommodate the client’s needs, Joe and his team had to build a whole new deck with steps over an existing porch. They also had to remove bushes and pour a large concrete pad to connect to the driveway. Now that the lift is installed, the client is now able to freely enter and exit the home and make it to all their appointments. 

"In the end we feel it came out great, and the client was very happy," said Joseph.

The work that was done for the customer is a reflection of the dedication Health Aid of Ohio demonstrates to their clients every day. 

"I feel what sets Health Aid of Ohio apart from other companies is that we really care about the customer," said Joseph. "We want to do the best job possible for them." 

Joseph truly enjoys being in the home modifications industry and working for Health Aid of Ohio, and it shows in the meaningful work he does to ensure that his customers are always taken care of.