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Member Spotlight: Josh Elkins with Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy

Home Blog Member Spotlight: Josh Elkins with Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy

VGM Live At Home strives to build a community of “Best in Class” companies to better serve the customer, and Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy does just that.

“We’ve been in business since 1899, and it’s a great company to work for,” said Josh Elkins, department manager for the Safe Home Solutions division of Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy. “They care about their employees and their customers, and they provide the resources for us to do a great job.”

With fifteen years of experience in the home medical equipment (HME) industry, Josh started as a delivery technician and eventually became a service/repair technician and lift installer. This role gradually shifted into a contractor role as Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy’s Safe Home Solutions department started to grow. In his current role, Josh oversees the daily operations by supporting his team, assisting customers, and working closely with their vendor partners. Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy covers territory in three states with a central storage and distribution office.

Josh recently shared a great success story that resulted in his team being able to help one of their customers by providing complex modifications to her bathroom and meeting her specific needs to continue living at home safely. The customer was referred to Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy by a local senior services center. Due to her failing mobility, she was unable to use her bathroom anymore and her health and hygiene were beginning to decline. Previously, they had contacted other contractors who were unable to meet the specific needs of this customer. Without some intervention, she would soon be admitted to a facility if her bathroom could not be updated. Once Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy was contacted for an assessment, they immediately made a difference.

“Our team is trained and certified (CAPS and CEAC) to solve the issues with her existing structure, as well as suggesting other safety products for added security and value,” said Josh. “We were able to make a difference in her quality of life and keep her comfortably at home.”

The scope of work they conducted included:

  • Barrier-free shower with accessories such as grab bars, fold down bench, and a hand-held wand
  • ADA toilet with safety frame
  • Non-slip flooring

Despite other contractors being unable to help, Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy stepped up and met the needs of this customer and made a huge difference in her well-being.

When asked about his “why” for working in the industry, Josh said, “The end result is my ‘why.’ I take pride in my work and enjoy making a difference in another person’s life."