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Member Spotlight: Mission Health + Home

Home Blog Member Spotlight: Mission Health + Home

VGM Live at Home Members continue to show their dedication of going above and beyond meeting their clients’ needs to live in a safe, accessible home every single day. Recently, Mission Health + Home, a longtime VGM Live at Home member, served a family who needed to create an accessible bathroom on the main floor of their home. Click here to watch their story! 

When Chris, Corinne, and Caleb moved into their dream house, they knew that it wasn’t as accessible as they needed it to be. Caleb is in a wheelchair, yet there were no full bathrooms or bedrooms on the main floor. Even though the main floor had an office that could potentially be used for Caleb’s bedroom, he still needed an easier way to access the shower and bath that was upstairs and not as easy to access. Chris and Corinne then wondered about turning their main-floor laundry room into an accessible bathroom with a shower.

“It was kind of the dream to be on one floor,” stated Corinne.

That is when Mission Health + Home came into the picture. After submitting a request, Chris received a response from Jonathan Walters with Mission Health + Home that same morning. Together, they discussed the family’s goals and what they wanted to accomplish in a way that worked best for all of them. 

After further discussing Chris and Corinne’s initial plans, which included turning their closet into a shower and utilizing the laundry room, Jonathan suggested trying to find a way to make it work so that the washer and dryer could remain on the main floor while still meeting Caleb’s needs for an accessible bathroom and shower. Mission Health + Home investigated every possibility of making sure everyone’s needs were met for this project.

“They wanted to be absolutely perfect in every which way,” said Chris. “We're really pleased with how that turned out, and I'm very pleased that they didn't take our direction about putting [the washer and dryer] into the basement because they [had] a better idea. And that really came out way better in the long run for all of us.”

After successfully completing this project, the family was truly appreciative of the hard work by Mission Health + Home and their commitment to meeting each of their needs during this project.

“I can't say enough good things about them,” said Corrine. “They were really a great group of people.” said Corrine. 

“I think a lot of people think they know what they need, but it's not until you really understand the needs of accessibility that you can design something,” said Chris. “For me, I would save time and just start with Mission.”

Watch the full testimonial here.

Thank you to Jonathan and all at Mission Home Health + Home for serving this amazing family, and thank you for being Part of Something Bigger!