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Member Success Story: On The Mend Medical Supplies & Equipment

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Compassion and dedication are the building blocks of developing a great relationship. For On The Mend Medical Supplies & Equipment, developing deep and personal relationships with their customers and providing an excellent customer service experience is what they strive to do every single day. Recently featured in VGM & Associate’s latest newsletter, On The Mend is well-known for their above-and-beyond customer service model. 

"Our company was founded on the belief that this industry needed more customer service and compassion. We treat every customer the way we would want our parents to be treated," says Liam O’Keeffe, Partner of On The Mend Medical Supplies & Equipment.

One of On The Mend’s valuable customers, Mrs. Lang, is a shining example of a customer who is treated like family. At 96 years old, Mrs. Lang needed adjustments made in her home to make it safer for her to live in. Her cousin, who lives in Switzerland, reached out to On The Mend to ensure that these modifications were done and that she would be taken care of by paying for all of the expenses. Some of the work that has been done includes modifying her shower and lowering her sink to be more accessible, as well as installing railings throughout the house so she has something to hold on to when she moves. On The Mend also assists Mrs. Lang in other aspects of her life, including overseeing a new alarm system for her and helping her install other safety-related items.

"We want to extend more than a business hand—we want to be a helping hand."

Since becoming a customer, Mrs. Lang and the team at On The Mend have developed a very caring and personal relationship with each other. Whenever anyone at On The Mend is on their way to do work at her house, they always call and ask Mrs. Lang if they can stop somewhere and bring her a treat. Mrs. Lang was also invited to attend O’Keeffe’s Thanksgiving dinner.

"Mrs. Lang is the sweetest woman, and we want to look out for her," says O’Keeffe.

Mrs. Lang sat down with O’Keeffe and discussed how On The Mend puts their business philosophy into practice with her. Watch below or click here

On The Mend goes above and beyond for Mrs. Lang and all of their customers, and that’s due to the team’s dedication and passion of delivering a positive customer experience. 

"It all starts with our "Chief Compassion Officer", Marsi Beck," says O’Keeffe. "She brings in a whole other level of caring to our company, and everyone on our staff feeds off it it."

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