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Overhead Lift Options for All Home Access Companies

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By: James Philpott, Regional Sales Manager of Span-America, a division of Savaria

As a medical device manufacturer, seeing double digit growth year on year for the homecare and home health industry is a very exciting sector to be serving and constantly developing new products to enable families to stay together in a safe environment and promote independence and quality of life.  

As a byproduct of such growth, predicted work-related injuries for nurses and home healthcare workers are on the rise given the many risk factors in the home environment and the escalating demands for home healthcare workers in the United States. Fortunately, safe patient handling and mobility programs can dramatically decrease injuries. Despite strides being made to promote safe patient handling and mobility programs in acute care, more can be done to establish such initiatives in the home care setting. 

After working in this industry, I have seen many changes for the better and the evolution of patient handling lifts and equipment across the board. We all have a role to play in promoting these wonderful solutions to everyday problems, which bring so much ease to so many unnecessarily stressful situations. 

From a manufacturing standpoint, we are only as good as the dealers and installers we depend on to provide these life changing solutions and provide constant education and support on the ground on a daily basis, so we owe it to our partners that we provide the most innovative products and services to help grow their businesses and cater to the ever-growing needs of family caregivers and healthcare professionals. 

I have seen the transitions from floor based hydraulic and electric mobile lifts to ceiling track mounted lifts, but for many installers, ceiling mounted lifts applications stretched beyond their capabilities or willingness to get involved and what could prove to be challenging above ceiling applications and tough attic environments to work in having to possibly cope with HVAC, lighting, fire sprinkler systems, etc. Not to mention extreme heat and cold depending where geographically the install is located and what time of year. 

In order to meet these challenges, we have developed many solutions that has now enabled us to expand the term ceiling lifts to OVERHEAD lift systems. Such systems incorporate the use wall posts and brackets, which negates the need to attach to the ceiling at all and avoiding the dreaded 100+ degree attic. It is also true that these installations are much easier and faster for installation crews to execute and provide solutions for, where a ceiling installation is just not possible due to structure issues. Spans of up to 20 feet can be achieved in single or xy full room coverage configurations. 

Added to that is our hugely successful portable gantry system program encompassing 2 and 4 post configurations catering to an industry leading 1200lb capacity, completely opening up many desperately needed bariatric care applications and rental business opportunities for our partners and their clients. 

We are proud that we now have a comprehensive solutions portfolio to cater for almost every need out there to help serve in any way we can to provide safer environments of care and dignity for all. 


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