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Safe Living Solutions, LLC evolved from a company started in 2009 by Vern Martell. Vern has always had a deep passion for helping others in any way that he can, and he became aware of a need for safe accessibility for individuals, especially for the aging population.

At the start of the company, his focus was to help seniors with accessibility issues but was contacted in 2010 to perform projects in the workers’ compensation industry. While the company was originally named Aging in Place Construction Specialists, it was changed to Safe Living Solutions in 2012 to better reflect their work. At the same time, Safe Living Solutions partnered with VGM HOMELINK to provide accessibility solutions in the workers’ compensation world. Since then, Safe Living Solutions has realized success not only in the workers’ compensation industry but also in overall home modifications for people with accessibility issues.

Safe Living Solutions holds firm to three pillars:

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Does it meet the needs of the individual with decreased mobility issues?
  3. Are the modifications/equipment appropriate to the current design and condition of the home?

By holding strong to the pillars, Safe Living Solutions is able to provide the top level of home modifications for any and all clients in order to provide a higher level of accessibility. Martell, CEO of Safe Living Solutions, has dedicated himself to learning the demographics of those who need and could benefit from home modifications. Safe Living Solutions provides home modifications to private-pay customers, workers' compensation insurance jobs, as well as charitable companies.

Over the years, it has been extremely important and beneficial for Safe Living Solutions to be dedicated to accessibility solutions. By having a clearly defined scope of work dedicated to accessibility solutions, Safe Living Solutions is able to make home modifications a smooth process on each project, benefiting all parties involved. Some of the modifications commonly provided are ramps, grab bars, roll-in showers, vertical platform lifts, bathroom modifications for accessibility, kitchen modifications for accessibility, and even modifying entire homes to allow for complete wheelchair access throughout the home.

Safe Living Solutions is headquartered in High Point, N.C., with team members located throughout the United States. These dependable, qualified team members travel to locations throughout America. In fact, that’s how they’re able to meet the needs and requests of customers – by having a member of the team that is on site from the time of the assessment through the end of the project. These team members also possess credentialing and education in the home modification industry such as CAPS, CEAC, and CHAMP certifications. Additionally, there is a project manager located in the home office to ensure that all questions, directions, and updates are provided to all parties involved in the project.

Safe Living Solutions is a recognized leader in providing solutions for workers’ compensation insurance claims for home modifications. This is not always an easy job due to the numerous parties typically involved in a claim. Effective communication in third-party payer situations from Safe Living Solutions to nurse case managers, third-party administrators, attorneys, adjusters, caregivers, family members, and others is crucial and very important to all involved in these home modifications. Within the workers’ compensation claims world, there are many parties with differing expectations that must all agree on the completed scope of work. As Safe Living Solutions has completed over 4,000 accessibility solutions since 2009, they have worked with many representatives from a variety of backgrounds and those with relationships to the injured worker. Proper communication with these parties has allowed such a high rate of success.

Philanthropy is a very important aspect of life to Martell. Since the start of the business in 2009, he is always looking for opportunities to be able to put his knowledge and expertise to work within the community. The company works with many organizations and individuals. Some of these organizations are Building Homes for Heroes, Isabel Acres, and Heal Our Heroes. Building Homes for Heroes has worked with Safe Living Solutions over the past three years, completing multiple homes for our war heroes. Building Homes for Heroes is a great charity to work with and one that Safe Living Solutions will continue to work with for years to come.

“It is an amazing feeling to provide these needed modifications in a soldier's home," said Martell. "What we do will allow the veteran and their family to live with ease for years to come. I am thankful that we are able to give back to these veterans that gave so much for us.”