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Sneak Peek: Accessibility Track at Heartland Conference

Home Blog Sneak Peek: Accessibility Track at Heartland Conference

The aging in place market and home accessibility are incredibly hot topics right now. VGM Live at Home continues to work for our members to help provide you savings and solutions to help grow your businesses. We are excited for the accessibility track at Heartland. We have an excellent lineup of speakers and panels that hit on topics ranging from your sales process, building up your cash business, your showroom, and more. Here are a few highlights of the accessibility track at Heartland.

Creating a Successful High-margin Retail Home Access Sales Program, presented by Jim Bland, CEO of Seniors Home Service

In the fast-growing home accessibility retail market, you have to set yourself apart from your competition. People will commit to buy today from competent, prepared companies who present quality, the right solution, reasonable pricing, financing options, and can produce an agreement during the initial visit. This session will teach your company how to become a quality sales company that closes jobs quickly and professionally during the first visit to the home.

Jim Bland has a storied career in business development and marketing. He helped implement home inspections in the real estate industry and also has deep roots in the home restoration industry doing business development in this market. This is the premier session for the accessibility track and one you won’t want to miss. According to Jim Greatorex, he’s one of the best salespeople he’s ever met in his life.

Jim will present on higher level sales techniques, like how to read your customers and how to effectively sell to their personality or character types, which is applicable to any industry who provides products for people in their home, not just home accessibility.

Designing Your Home Access Showroom to Drive Sales, presented by Jared Chevraux, Executive Vice President of JTEK Solutions Group, LLC

Does finding private-pay customers still seem out of reach? Everyone else just opens the door and sells home mods, right? A well-designed showroom in the right location can drive your cash sales to over 50% of your total revenue. In this presentation, Jared will show you how he did just that when JTEK opened our award-winning Home Access Design Studio in May of 2020. JTEK also won the award for best Traditional Independent Multi-brand/Product Showroom from National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) in 2021.

[Panel] A Discussion on Growing Your Business in Challenging Times, moderated by Jim Greatorex, Vice President of VGM Live at Home

The home access industry has been experiencing challenges with supply chain issues, significant price increases, and staffing shortages. Despite that, the industry is experiencing record growth. In this panel discussion, home access company executives will discuss challenges and provide insights and examples on how to rise above amid an unprecedented business climate.

This will be a great panel discussion with people who have first-hand experience of how they mitigated their side of supply chain issues, labor issues, freight issues, and more. For more information on this session, click here.

These are just some of the sessions in the accessibility track. Heartland also features sessions in business operations, leadership and people strategy, regulatory and audits, and more.

Heartland Conference is only a few short weeks away. If you’re not already registered, now is the time to register. To learn more and register, go to