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Sneak preview: Floor Lifts from Span-America

Home Blog Sneak preview: Floor Lifts from Span-America

Whether you are looking to add floor lifts to your mobility offerings or looking for an alternative to your current floor lift options, look no further than Span-America. Durable, easy to assembly, and simple to operate, the new Span floor lift offerings are a perfect complement to the company’s popular line of portable and fixed overhead lifts. Three models—powered full-body patient lift, powered sit-to-stand, and manual standing transfer aid—give you fully-featured options for any level of patient need at a dealer-friendly price point. And just like Span’s overhead lifts, their new floor lifts are protected by a three-year warranty.

Span F500S Powered Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

Span F500P Fulll Body Patient Lift

Span F450T Standing Transfer Aid

Product literature is now posted on Span’s profile view, along with links to assembly and operation videos for all three models. Check them out here.