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Survey Questions for Apprenticeship Program

Home Blog Survey Questions for Apprenticeship Program

We have heard loud and clear that employee recruitment and retention are high-priority pain points for the home access industry. We have an industry that is slowly starting to mature but has a ways to go. Many companies struggle to provide a career path for their field technicians and, in some cases, their customer-facing representatives. We also hear of companies finding great potential employees, but they lack the skills needed to work as a tech in the field, and training is challenging when the pipeline is always full.

Thanks to an introduction from Robert Gurinowitsch from Bestbath, we connected with a construction-based institute that has all the capabilities needed to help us build an apprenticeship program. We have formed a committee of experienced members led by Darren Corcoran of Vets Access, LLC to build the foundation for the program. The prerogatives are to build a program that will provide a career path for skilled trades within the industry by putting together a program that provides the skills and knowledge required for workers to become high value contributors to home access companies.

The program will have a wide variety of training with some certified classes included. We will have a simple program for inexperienced new hires, all the way up to a three to four-year Master Apprenticeship. Companies would be able to choose the available content that best meet their specific business model. We also plan to incorporate knowledge and skills needed to install the residential lifts/elevators/non-hydraulic into the program as a means to address states that have onerous licensing requirements.

The program will be designed to meet the Department of Labor standards as many states will help fund training for industries that create skilled trades.

As we continue to build the program, we need your input. Please take a few minutes to fill out this online survey and send back to us. We need to understand your needs and wants and interest level in building this program. The deadline to complete this survey is May 13.

Thank you, 

Jim Greatorex

VP, VGM Live at Home