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Update on Live at Home Pro Home Assessment Software

Home Blog Update on Live at Home Pro Home Assessment Software

By Jim Greatorex, Vice President, VGM Live at Home

On Sept. 17, we released an upgrade to the Home Assessment Software that will improve the user experience and function.

The upgrades include:

  • Reporting on assessments by payers
  • Changed drag and drop feature to be movable only by hamburger bars on left side of modules
  • Changed fields in measurements from four fields to three
  • Quotes add tax to items and auto calculate
  • Added a whole quote section to document and sum prices
  • Added tab on the product module to easily add materials, labor, or installation to a quote
  • Added assessor name and company info into reports
  • Custom brand reports to include company logo. Submit your logo to [email protected]

We have now extended the early adopter phase to Dec. 31, 2018. Members can use the software with unlimited users until that time.

During the early adopter phase, we are releasing a basic version of the software into the field to get some user experience and feedback as we prepare for our next upgrades. The only goal of the early version is to provide a digital tool to collect needed information, pictures, and measurements for a home assessment job. It does not have some of the deluxe features such as auto measurement, integration into other operating software, or built-in CRM capabilities.

Until we get the data collection part produced for an easy user experience with the flow and templates desired, we cannot invest in the next phases. What we need right now is field experience and feedback so we can make the next upgrade and address our top priority, which is a data collection tool that produces a professional home assessment report and quote.

We will continue to invest in this product for the long haul and will continually make upgrades to build a great tool for our members. If you would be willing to learn about how to use the product and field test it, please connect with Jessica Barber at [email protected] or 877-404-2442 for registration and training. We thank you for your interest in this project and very much appreciate any feedback.

Stay tuned for future updates on upgrades.

Let’s all have a great fourth quarter.