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VGM Live at Home and HomesRenewed™ Collaborate

Home Blog VGM Live at Home and HomesRenewed™ Collaborate

By Jim Greatorex

On June 19 at the Heartland Conference, VGM Live at Home and HomesRenewed™ announced that they are going to work together to forward the HomesRenewed mission.

Louis Tenenbaum, president of HomesRenewed, has led the effort to get HR 1780, The Senior Accessible Housing Act, introduced into Congress. As a 25-year advocate for the home modification industry, Louis has a vision for addressing the lack of safe housing for those who wish to age in place. The U.S. will have approximately two times as many people over the age of 65 by 2030 than we do now, and we have an extreme shortage of safe housing. The bill would allow people over the age of 60 to spend up to $30,000 out of their retirement funds on certified home safety modifications and products and receive a tax credit.

The home modification industry is not the only industry that would benefit from people living in their own homes longer. The home health care, long-term care insurance, and home technology industries have also shown interest. We are looking to build a coalition of the four industries to advance this bill passage.

VGM Live at Home members can help by becoming members of HomesRenewed. Membership pricing is detailed here. For the average home modification company or division, the dues would be $450 annually.

I have volunteered to become the Home Modification Advisory Board chair for HomesRenewed. Each industry will have its own advisory board chair and working board that will carry out the priorities of the Home Modification Advisory Board. I am actively seeking 2-4 home mod service executives to serve on the Home Mod board for two years and a couple of manufacturer representatives as well. Please connect with me if you have any interest, and I can explain what the commitment looks like.

To help HomesRenewed build the coalition, VGM is providing some back office assistance with collection, accounting, marketing, and organizing. We feel strongly that working together to promote the folks to better design their homes for a better life as they age is worth going all in for.

So now that we have shared what we are doing to help the industry grow, my question to members is, "What are you doing?" I am asking that you please join me in supporting HomesRenewed’s efforts. I do not want to kick myself later for wondering what could have been. Join the coalition or reach out to us for more information.

Thanks, and here’s hoping that your summer is busy and you find time to have some family fun!