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  • June 6, 2019 | Vendor Hightlight

    The home accessibility industry is all about one thing: helping people. We help make households safer and more accessible so our clients can continue to live in the place they call home. However, those most in need of home modifications are often not in a spot financially to do so. For those struggling to make necessary renovations, there’s People Working Cooperatively (PWC), a nonprofit organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They serve low‐income households by providing critical...

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  • March 7, 2019 | Vendor Hightlight

    Safe Living Solutions, LLC evolved from a company started in 2009 by Vern Martell. Vern has always had a deep passion for helping others in any way that he can, and he became aware of a need for safe accessibility for individuals, especially for the aging population. At the start of the company, his focus was to help seniors with accessibility issues but was contacted in 2010 to perform projects in the workers’ compensation industry. While the company was originally named Aging in Place...

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