[Webinar] Fall Prevention with Curved Stairlifts

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Monday, September 25, 2023 ~ 1:00PM - 2:00PM

Simplified curved stairlifts. Curved stairlifts are easier than you think. Join Todd Bick, VP of Sales at Harmar to debunk the myths about curved stairlifts. Curved stairlifts are a lucrative product to add to your mix and helps you say “yes” to more applications. You will come away from this sessions with a full understanding of the various styles, specs and value propositions along with an appreciation for what it takes for your company to be great in the curved stairlift business. Harmar is VGM’s exclusive provider of stairlifts – curved and straight stairlifts and a leading manufacturer of home access and mobility products in North America.

Learning Objectives
1. How to sell curved stairlifts vs two straights, elevators and other possible solutions
2. The various advantages and disadvantages of different styles of CSL (modular, dual rail, single rail and beam-style)
3. How to minimize lead time 
4. How to differentiate yourself from other suppliers
5. How to structure your sales and installation teams

Presented By:
Todd Bick, VP of Sales, Harmar Mobility

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