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LAH Wholesale is now offering direct access to purchase the HA7 Residential Low Energy Operator Door Openers.

VGM Live at Home Wholesale has partnered with ENTREMATIC to provide you with the Ditec HA7. This will transform virtually any interior door from manual to automatic, touchpoint to touchless, and basic to tech-savvy.


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Entrematic Parts

HA7 Residential Slimline Low Energy Operator Door Opener

(All units include a 39.5” header)

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HA7 Clear Combo with Push and Pull Arms$3,384$1,393.86 $1,562.18


HA7 Bronze Combo with Push and Pull Arms$3,384$1,393.86 $1,562.18



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Pull Arm Extension:

The back plate for the PULL application, most common in residential applications, must go 7/8” above the door to install so the spindle can clear the door while it is opening. The track is installed on the door 3/8” from the top of the door. If the distance from the top of the door and the bottom of the back plate exceeds 1 1/8” the 1 15/16” extension is used and if that dimension is 1 ¾”, then the 2 9/16” extension is used.

Electric Strike:

Are you installing a locking door? Then you will need a strike. Below are the options for electric strikes from our vendor. This will help determine which strike will need to be purchased to properly work with the door.

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